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Businesses are constantly seeking opportunities to increase efficiency, cut costs and improve bottom-line performance. Pair Lexmark’s award-winning hardware and innovative business software to unleash greater efficiency and improved productivity in your organization.
Color Printing
in the Workplace
The documents you print define an important image–yours. Lexmark’s award-winning color products provide your company with the ability to print professional-quality color in-house, add instant impact and save costs by eliminating the need to outsource most print jobs.
Device and
Document Security
When it comes to security, your organization needs to ensure that it can securely manage network devices, defend them from hackers and physically protect the stored data. That’s why at Lexmark, we’ve designed our solutions-capable printers and MFPs to answer these needs.
  • Industry
    Lexmark has decades of experience in the industries we serve. We understand the process challenges, financial constraints, compliance requirements and technical demands of your industry. Looking for a secure RX print solution? Need a plain paper testing and grading solution? Other needs?
  • Environmental
    Lexmark strives to be an environmentally responsible provider of products and services. From the way we design our products, to how we engineer our packaging to reduce materials, all the way to the collection programs we provide–we work diligently to keep the environment in mind.
  • Managed Print
    Services (MPS)
    Is your organization in the midst of a content explosion? If so, you have more paper and digital files than you know what to do with. Lexmark’s MPS offerings can help you organize content, cut costs, streamline processes and print less–for bottom line results.
  • Award-Winning
    Our technology ownership is what makes Lexmark stand out–allowing us to respond to your technical challenges with hardware and solutions that are customized to meet your business needs. We are proud of the awards and positive reviews from major test laboratories and leading publications.
  • Mobile
    Mobile professionals expect printing and sharing to be fast, convenient and easy. Lexmark provides a number of ways for businesses and organizations to capitalize on the benefits of mobile productivity without compromising security or incurring excessive or uncontrolled costs.
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